January 2021


We partner with Various Organisations who share the same goal as we do: Growing a Great Community and Sharing the Gospel.

This month please pray for all our Partnerships.

Newsletter (2)

Te Waipuna Puawai 
Te Waipuna Puawai grew out of the work of the Sisters of Mercy and Mercy house based in Waddell Ave from 1990. In 1999, Te Waipuna Puawai opened its doors in Glen Innes to the Tamaki community, invited by the women of Glen Innes who were looking for support for personal and professional development, with a focus on childcare. Built on the values of respect, compassion, justice, hospitality and mutual enhancement, our vision was to create a space to serve those in the community, fostering well-being for whanau and restoration of the earth.

At the heart of Te Waipuna Puawai is a respect for the karanga call from the community. Beginning with the wahine Maori who issued the first karanga to the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland, and welcomed them to Aotearoa in 1850, Maori now play an important role in Te Waipuna Puawai, as educators, community leaders and in leadership roles. Over 20 years on and the people we serve remain at the heart of Te Waipuna Puawai. Our values are a guiding force, directing our initiatives, programmes and role in the Tamaki community.

Empower Asia
EMPOWER ASIA was established in 1990 and now operates in six Asian nations; Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Kolkata (India) and Nepal. Around 265 teenagers receive 24/7 care while residing in one of our 18 safe-houses so that they may receive nutritious meals, come to grow in their knowledge of God and also attend school (or tertiary institutions). This is all carried out in a loving family environment. 

Empower Asia is the key project of Empower International Trust which is a New Zealand government registered charity holding Certificate of Incorporation number 894963. The Empower Asia board members operate under the supervision of the trustees of the Empower International Trust in accordance with the registered constitution.

Empower Asia was founded from New Zealand and has been working in Asia since 1990. Whilst the organisation is Christian based there is no affiliation to any particular group, church or denomination. The vast majority of funds are sourced from private individuals, families, small businesses and churches. 

Throughout the decades Launchpad has been referred by several names, the most common of which are still used to day, namely ‘Bible’ or ‘Bible in schools’.

The purpose of Christian Values Education is to present our tamariki with korero (stories) from the Bible and role models from NZ History and the world to present positive values.

Launchpad Champions is presented throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to about 30 000 tamariki by about 1 500 volunteer presenters in about 500 state kura every week. Our Launchpad Champions volunteers come from different churches in 15 regions throughout Aotearoa to present our programmes.

Global Mission 
Our Church has key partnerships with the Presbyterian Churches of Vanuatu and Myanmar, and the Church of North India. We also have important relationships with networks of churches across Asia and the Pacific, and international bodies like the Council for World Mission.

Through these Partnerships we respond to the call of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations and help provide much-needed resources for Christian mission overseas. This also enriches the life of our Church through our mutual sharing and growing together in the worldwide body of Christ. 

Island Child 
Established in May 2005, Island Child Charitable Trust is a small grassroots organisation with a big heart making a sustainable difference in the lives of whanau facing a housing crisis. Based in Glen Innes, East Auckland, the Trust (or ICCT) successfully rehomes between 48-55 whanau (residential and non-residential clients) each year depending on available housing. Their goal is to assist more individuals and families. 



We would love more volunteers to be part of our Sunday Roster Team and help out with the following:

- Welcome Duty
- Kitchen Duty
- Readings
- Intercessory Prayers
- Prayer after Church

If you can help out in any of these areas please contact the office and we will add you to our Sunday Roster. Thank you!